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Your timeshare and Bankruptcy.

Saturday , 5, October 2013 Comments Off on Your timeshare and Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tinton Falls NJ. What will happen to my timeshare in Bankruptcy?  Many of debtors who contact us for a free consult have a timeshare condominium. They want to know what will happen to this asset upon filing bankruptcy. Many debtors just want to get rid of the timeshare because all too often the […]

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Brick NJ. What is a preference transfer in Bankruptcy?  The Bankruptcy Code allows debtors to keep assets with no equity or up to a fixed dollar amount, through a process of exemptions.  These exemptions are tools provided by the Bankruptcy Code to protect your assets and truly give you a fresh start. In […]

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Point Pleasant NJ. When debtors have decided to file bankruptcy the looming question on their minds is commonly how long will it take before I have credit again? Unfortunately the answer is not in black and white and the answer fluctuates with the economic times. As the Great Recession has set in […]

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