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Bankruptcy Attorney Fee Payment Plan.

Saturday , 5, October 2013 Comments Off on Bankruptcy Attorney Fee Payment Plan.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Wall NJ. How can I pay my Bankruptcy Attorney? Here a question that is probably on your mind, “If I’m going bankrupt, how can I afford to pay an attorney?”  Here is an answer you will be happy to hear: Here at Riviere Cresci & Singer LLC we flexible and easy payment Bankruptcy […]

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Asbury Park NJ. What happens to Condominium Association Fees in Bankruptcy? Filing for bankruptcy allows consumers to discharge most of their debts.  In 2005 when when the bankruptcy laws  changed through BAPCPA, various homeowners associations (HOA’s) lobbied Congress for special protection.Due to the efforts of those lobbyists not all homeowners’ association fees […]

A Gambler’s Bankruptcy: Knowing When to Fold ‘Em

Saturday , 21, September 2013 Comments Off on A Gambler’s Bankruptcy: Knowing When to Fold ‘Em

Have you taken cash advances or markers in order to obtain funds for gambling?  The odds are not in your favor that you actually were able to win with the money borrowed and repay the lines of credit.  In the past, bankruptcy courts regularly found gambling debts to be non-dischargeable.  In recent times, however, the […]

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